Didcot A Photography club

The social activities at Didcot A have always been an important part of life at the power station. The photography club have been running for a long time, and before the days of digital photography they had a dark room and lots of shared equipment. More recently they've moved to digital and share expertise in digital editing.

Most of their subject matter has been found outside the station but as closure became imminent they asked for permission to photograph the power station. The results are an important document of the station, and provide an insiders perspective. 

I was given a CD of 700 pictures! It's hard to narrow down from that, so in this post I'm putting up pictures of details within the turbine hall which seem to reveal the 19th century roots of the machinery. I'll try and post some more later as there are some fabulous images. These were taken out of hours and so most were taken in poor light on long exposure leading. This has resulted in strange colour effects and eery photos where machinery seems to emerge from the shadows.