Blog post about Didcot A from the train...

James Attlee has written a wonderful post on his blog writer on the train  about passing Didcot A on his daily commute to London. Through taking his camera out every day at the crucial moment when the power station comes into sight, he has collected hundreds of images in different light and weather conditions. Taking photos on a high speed train results in blurring and distortion that adds to the magic of the images so that streaks of foreground trees and bushes are spread across them with an almost painterly quality.

Repeatedly photographing this subject on his point and shoot camera, Attlee has captured some extraordinary images. One of these (see the blog) was captured when the turbine hall, lit up by the setting sun, glowed red and gold. For a few moments it was a glinting jewel in the landscape, then back to the buffs and greys of Gibberd's specifications.

James Attlee will be leading a tour of our exhibition on 8th June at 2pm. A selection of his photos of Didcot A will be projected for this event. No need to book, just turn up.