What do the staff of Didcot A think?

On Monday we met a few of the staff at Didcot A to hear their stories and memories about the power station. We have selected a few quotes...

“I tell my friends I make clouds. Electricity is only a useful by-product!”

“They call them the big ogres, but for many the loss brings tears to their eyes.”

“I live down by the Thames in Abingdon. When I come down to the end of my road I can see the big “Christmas tree” (main stack), and the three towers on the Sutton side.

When the grand-children see the smoke coming out of the chimney they’re told that it’s grandpa burning the sausages.”

“You can see the towers from 45 miles away. It’s a sign that you’re nearly home.”

“It was built like a tank. Made to last.”

“The CEGB didin’t spare any expense.”

View of the towers from inside the power station.